My Childrens' Children - What Part Of Your Child's Brain Is Not Needed?
We are grateful to our peers
for the work they have accomplished. 
 It is our intention to make optimum use of clinical findings, scientific research, empirical strategies and legislation for
the benefit of our children.
SistahQ[1]Sistah Qaraandin"Q", Holistic Practitioner
and Author speaks on protecting our mental health in her book, Maintaining Our Temples. "The healing power of
a person lies within the person not within the doctor, a pill, or a knife. The healing power of a community lies within the community, not within a ballot box, an executive order, or a referendum".
U.S. Food and Drug Administration Consumer Special Report
dr. maxwell nartey,author of Intelligent Children Are Not orn they Are adeDr. Maxwell Nartey, Licensed Symptometrist,
Author of IntelligentChildren Are Not Born. They Are Made; he is also a Specialist helping to correct mistakes resulting from mis-diagnosis of children's mental health, specifically children labeled with ADHD.  
Dr. Llaila Afrika, Master Health  Consultant, Author of Ritalin and Hyperactive Children: Growth and Development of the Black Child. 
This bookhelps parents protect the mental health of their children.
Sleep Deprivation Humans: Summary of Scientific Findings 
Westside Preparatory School
'The  Marva Collins Story'
Contact: George Franklin
Citizens Commission on Human Rights-St. Louis

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