My Childrens' Children - What Part Of Your Child's Brain Is Not Needed?
It is with great pleasure that I share this work with you. 
My Childrens' Children is a non-profit children's advocacy organization. 
Our mission is two-fold:
*affect policy and resources regarding the nurturing, health, nutrition, and education of our children    
*assist parents, primary care providers and community service providers to reduce
the mass population
of children given psychotropic (mind-altering) drugs.
This work began
during spring of 1991.  
While pursuing a Masters of Education- certification in Special Education, I discovered that the majority of children labeled ADHD were mis-diagnosed dis-proportionally, according to ethnicity and gender. 
On this website you will find:
that support the basis for My Childrens' Children advocacy. 
*Expert advice 
regarding dietary 
intake patterns, physical examinations, clinical tests,
and positive nurturing. 
Information required to identify the root cause and therapeutic care needed to help children excel in and out of the classroom. 
*Convenient ways to become involved in this work.
'God is our refuge and strength let us be grateful for the children in our care'.
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